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I have taken up my old hobby of model railroads again.
Anything to get me through those long and cold Victorian winter days.

Currently I am working on a representation of the Pakenham to Traralgon Line.

Not having the room to do a full model railroad layout in my lounge room, I decided to go with the next best thing,
start building a virtual model rairoad on my computer.
Having tried a few different options I decided to go with Trainz a New Era, or TANE for short.
You basically start off with a fresh blank canvas on which you lay out your tracks.
Then you can sclupture your terrain; add houses; farms; shops and whatever else you like.
At some stage you end up with a 3D representation of a Model Railroad.

Check out where I'm up to now......

These pages will be updated with progress of the journey.
I have also included a few links here for other model railroad enthusiasts.

Please click on any photo below to enter

Check out my Trainz Gallery
Pakenham/Traralgon Route Progress
(under construction)
A short intro video on Trainz

Trainz YouTube Channel
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