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My move from Sydney to
Far North Queensland
July 1986


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Leaving Sydney in July 1986 on the start of my epic journey around Australia. As you will see I didn't quite make it all the way around. I reached the tropical region of Far North Queensland and kind of got stuck.

First stop was a trip to my good friends Carol and Jacquie, whom had moved down from Sydney to Wollongong to be closer to Carol's parents.

Sydney to Wollongong

My wonderful friends Carol & Jacquie

It was my first trip towing the campervan and it took quite a bit of getting used to, especially with two Great Danes in the back of the car. Unfortunately, we didn't have digital cameras in those days and a lot of my photos that I did take along the way were destroyed during the Innisfail cyclone. I will try and give you some idea of the places where I stayed with some stock photos.

After having spent a week or so in Wollongong it was time to move on. My next stop would be at Moruya, where Carol's sister Cynthia lived. She and her husband lived on a 400-acre property in a large wooded area. The dogs loved it there and I stayed for about a month.

Wollongong to Moruya

Staying at Ian and Cyntia's

It was time to hit the road again. I decided to head north towards the warmer weather and make my way up to Brisbane where I knew some friends. They had asked me to stay with them on my way through. First stop on the way was Cowra.

Moruya to Cowra

I remember staying at the Cowra Holiday Park for the night.

Cowra to Narrabri

Narrabri to Warwick

Warwick on to Brisbane

I stayed with some friends in Brisbane for about a week before moving on up the coast.

Brisbane to Bundaberg

Next stretch was Bundaberg to Yeppoon

Camped on the beach at Yepoon. Felt pretty safe by then with the dogs.

Yeppoon to Sarina

Sarina to Townsville

Sometimes I just didn't feel like setting up the campervan and slept with the dogs in the car.

Townsville to Innisfail
I stayed in Innisfail for a few days with Pat and Elvio and Lynette and Kacey.

Innisfail to Port Douglas

Port Douglas to Cooktown

Stayed a few nights in Cooktown before moving on to the Daintree River

Cooktown to Daintree

This turned out to be quite a hairy drive, especially with the campervan in tow. Would have been impossible with a caravan. I guess I was lucky the wet season had not yet set in so most creeks and the Bloomfield River were pretty low.

Made a small outing from Bloomfield to Roaring Meg Falls, had to leave the campervan behind.


Toyota wagon doing what it was meant to do, and Sheelah at the falls.

Daintree to Wonga Beach

It is here where my story continues......

I spent about two weeks camped on the beach at Wonga, just north of Mossman. It was absolute paradise, warm weather, great beach and my dogs were the talk of the town...

Some photos of the dogs enjoying the trip

After living it rough for a while I thought it was time to settle into the North Queensland lifestyle and move to a caravan park. I found Pinnacle Village just a few kilometers up the road. Wow, what a wonderful place this was. Very friendly people and I was allowed to stay with the dogs. I found a special, nicely isolated spot just a walk from the beach.


You couldn't be further away from anyone.

I ended up staying here for roughly a year and a half. I had all intensions of staying longer as I had traded my campervan in for a proper caravan. I had a concrete slab poured and the van was placed next to it. I even had some of my furniture sent up from Sydney.

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As life would have it, nothing is permanent. I couldn't fully appreciate living in a caravan park and was starting to feel a bit isolated. I was also unable to find enough work to have a regular income. I could have got a job at Mossman but during the wet season I would have been stuck in Mossman at times as the creeks between Mossman and the Daintree frequently flooded. I was also wooried about the dogs being in a caravan park on their own for long periods. So work was out of the question. I had to find another way out.

It was time to move on - next stop Innisfail
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